College Leavers Better Prepared for Work

It’s official … opting for a further education college gives you a better chance of securing your first job than remaining in your school sixth-form.

Career Opportunities in Forestry and Arboriculture

The good news is that in parts of the UK there is a shortage of tree surgeons, which means there are plenty of job opportunities if you’ve got the right experience and qualifications.

What is Forestry & Arboriculture?

Our forests and woodlands are coming under more and more pressure. We look to these areas to provide a home to a variety of animals and plants and reduce greenhouse gases, whilst doubling up as a resource for recreation, tourism and sport, building and fuel. No surprise then that it’s increasingly important to have qualified experts to protect and preserve our forests and woodlands.

Make Time for some Wildlife Gardening this Spring

Gardens are an increasingly important habitat for butterflies, bees and other vital insects. Read our top tips on gardening for wildlife and learn more about it with our dedicated 8 week course.

Top Tips for Exam Preparation

It’s exam time. If your pulse is racing already take some time out to prepare with our guide to exam survival.

Get into Horticulture with National Gardening Week

This year the theme of National Gardening Week, which runs from 15th April – 21st April, is designed to combat the myth that horticulture is for drop-outs, is unfulfilling and unskilled.

Raising the Participation Age: what does it mean?

Whilst the Government has changed the law, raising the age you can legally leave education from 16, there are still plenty of options available. Importantly, one thing to remember is you need to stay in ‘education’ which is not necessarily ‘school’.

Earn Whilst You Learn with an Apprenticeship

Learning doesn’t have to take place in the classroom and to prove that point Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular with school leavers and employers. But qualifications are important too. That’s what’s so great about Apprenticeships; they offer the best of both worlds.

What to do if you miss the UCAS deadline

Whilst everyone focuses on the first UCAS deadline in January, the truth is that there are a range of important dates throughout the year and applications for most institutions can be submitted up until the deadline for Clearing at the end of June.

Stocking a Fishery – What You Need to Know

It is now the season to start stocking fisheries, however is it really necessary? This blog post from our Fisheries Management department looks at some of the reasons why you may want to re-stock and some things to be aware of when doing so.